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Client Testimonials & Professional Endorsements

So glad there are nurses like you. I tried, as a nurse and advocate, to get hospital staff to take notice of signs of infection after my husband’s surgery. His neurosurgeon had expressed concerns about infection, yet after clear signs persisted, no one seemed to care. We eventually sought legal care as he now needs much more medication to deal with his condition. We are lucky he didn’t die, but were told that if he had, we could have made millions. Not very helpful. Situations like this need nurse advocates. People need to be aware of what you do – I mean if a spouse, who also a nurse can’t help, who can? I’m appalled at what health care has come to.

Sandy U
Elgin, IL

I’m utterly impressed with these women….. the role they play in today’s health care dilemma is significant. I’d searched for weeks before googling your company, and it was the first time I felt hope. Once your nurses got the information needed, they just rolled.. I cannot thank you enough!

Elizabeth H
Chicago, IL

I read your book and enjoyed it and your passion for helping us without the resources to help ourselves and our loved ones.  I don’t think I ever expressed my full gratitude for what you personally did for my mother during our difficult time. Your company got us the quality care she needed. I feel every dollar we were billed was money well spent. I hope you continue to flourish and help others obtain the help they need and avoid the pitfalls of or current system of care.

Paula R.
Chicago, IL

“My family members and I feel strongly that Maryellen was an important part of my mother’s care. My mother could confide in Maryellen like she could no one else, which is saying something as
I believe we had a good rapport with her. Maryellen was so important to our family and we are so grateful for all she did before she ultimately died. Thank you!”

Michelle D.
Chicago, IL

“Whew , we did it! Our brother is finally home. I cannot thank you enough for all your help. This has been a journey that was filled with car-size potholes, multi-car accidents and road construction for 50 miles. Nothing about this hospital discharge was easy. Our brother has been in 23 different facilities and I have never encountered such roadblocks at any other facility like this one. They threw everything they could at us to complicate the situation.

“Teri, you have been amazing! To get up in front of the Ethics Committee of twelve and convince them to let us bring him home is of feat of epic proportions. Lynn or I could never have been able to do this. We would have been eaten alive. We also want to thank you for helping us evaluate SNFs, finding the best home health care company and working with our insurance company to make it all work. We so appreciate everything you have done for our family!”

Lynn L and Lori S
Crystal Lake, Illinois

“I hope you realize how much you have done to help me through this emotional and physical recovery process!”

John K.
Chicago, IL

“When I heard your talk at the library a few months ago, I learned all kinds of questions I needed to ask to insure that my rehab was covered after my knee replacement surgery was done. It’s all so overwhelming; thanks for making this information available to the general public! It gave me such peace of mind during my recent hospitalization!”

Cathy K.
Gurnee, IL

“Wow, I can’t believe how fast I got the care I needed once you got involved! I cannot thank you enough; your help made all the difference in the world!”

Nick E.
Gurnee, IL

“Teri Dreher of North Shore Patient Advocates is very helpful if you are looking for the right assisted or skilled facility for your loved one. She is a great listener, very detailed and brings results. Teri and her colleagues know about facilities in much of the Chicagoland area.”

Sue H.
Chicago, IL

“Even an advocate needs an advocate! I needed to research and purchase health insurance for my brother who lives in IL. I practice as a patient advocate in CA and was unfamiliar with some of the insurance options available in IL. I called upon North Shore Patient Advocates late on Friday and was feeling pretty frantic I wouldn’t hear back until Monday. Teri called me Friday evening. She immediately sent out an introductory email to the rest of her team so they could each respond.

“Before the end of the weekend, I had corresponded with Teri, Beth and Avrom. Avrom was well versed in the options for this year’s open enrollment and was patient with me as I asked question after question. With Avrom’s help, I was able to make a well-informed decision and was able to buy my brother an insurance policy which would protect him and meet his needs. Thank you Teri, Beth and Avrom. I am so happy to know you are there and will be sure to refer anyone I know in the Chicago area to you.”

Prissi Cohen, BSN, RN
ProPatient Advocacy