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Advocating for Lower Healthcare Costs for Seniors – Revisited

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Posted on February 14th, 2018 by Sally Perkins, under Healthcare Reform, Insurance & Billing, Legislative Issues, Patient Advocacy

It feels like we’re getting new information every day on how the US health system is changing. With costs seeming so volatile, we thought it’d be a good idea to revisit a previously published blog.

Advocating for Lower Healthcare Costs for Seniors

One of the biggest financial stressors currently facing seniors (among both pre-retirees and retirees) is the rising cost of healthcare. A combination of factors has made healthcare an ongoing financial concern for many people across the United States. This crisis appears to have no resolution available in the near future.

What factors make healthcare such a stressful financial issue for seniors?

  • Because of constant fluctuations in policies and costs, it is a challenge for pre-retirees to plan for healthcare expenses in retirement.
  • For those who have already retired, out-of-pocket costs for both medication and insurance continues to rise.
  • Medical coverage options for seniors continue to remain limited.

Even for those who have planned well and set aside funds for healthcare in retirement, costs can often exceed expectations. This can result in a quickly depleting retirement savings, and further monetary concerns. In combination with the many other financial stressors currently facing seniors, physical and mental stress symptoms can arise as a result.

What help is available? 

Policies and costs change every year.  There are professionals available to help advocate for seniors. They work to find the them the best rates on health insurance and plan for future health expenses. These experts understand the complex world of healthcare, and can remove much of the stress seniors experience when managing healthcare costs. Various plans for seniors in all kinds of health and financial situations are available, which can reduce the risk of future hardship.

To learn more about financial stressors impacting pre-retirees, review some typical stressful financial concerns for seniors.

~Sally Perkins, Freelance Writer

Photo by Alex Harvey on Unsplash

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