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Back Care and Scoliosis treatment thru Yoga Therapy

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Posted on February 17th, 2021 by Guest Blogger, under Alternative Therapies, Integrative Health Care, Physical Health, Take Charge

Building Strength, Improving Alignment, Inspiring Hope

Back pain is so common now that it is compared to the common cold in incidence (and it has grown significantly in this epidemic). It is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits!

Your spine is the center of your body structure, so every part of your body above, below, and around impacts your spine. Pain acts as a “knock” on a door. Answering that “knock” brings us to awareness of the pain and then to strive to locate the issue. This is the way that the body tells us to slow down and take notice! STOP what we are doing and reassess. So in a way – and this is difficult to believe – the pain is a gift, a message to slow down and take notice of where you are and what you are doing that is causing the pain.

Your spine consists of 4 curves and 33 vertebrae

  • 7 cervical vertebrae
  • 12 thoracic
  • 5 lumbar
  • 9 sacrum(5)/coccyz(4) – these fuse somewhere around the age of 26

Here are some fun facts on how a spine develops. As a newborn, babies are born with a C-shaped spine. The S-shape of the cervical spine develops first when the baby starts to raise its head. The thoracic spine forms second when the baby starts to crawl to counter the S-shape of the cervical curve. The lumbar curve develops last during crawling – the weight of the baby’s belly pulls the spine down. Finished spinal development curves occur between 12 – 18 months when a baby starts walking upright. The sacrum and coccyx fuse somewhere around the age of 26 to hold the weight of the torso.

Muscles affected by back pain or a scoliosis curvature

  • All bilateral muscles in the body
  • Intercostal muscles
  • Diaphragm
  • Erector Spinae muscles
  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Trapezius muscle
  • Rhomboid muscles
  • Quadratus Lumborum muscles
  • Iliopsoas muscles
  • Core musculature

Scoliosis facts:

  • 80% of females get scoliosis vs. 20% of men
  • Females are 8X more likely to progress to a magnitude that needs treatment
  • There is no cure for structural scoliosis
  • 600,000+ doctor visits/yr for scoliosis
  • 20% of the population have scoliosis
  • 30,000 children/yr are braced
  • 38,000 undergo spinal fusion surgery annually
  • Fusion surgery does not stop the curvature from continuing
  • The breath is greatly reduced in the concavity of the intercostal muscles of the diaphragm
  • Balance is greatly affected
  • Research shows there are four most common curve patterns: Right Thoracic, Left Lumbar, Right Thoraco Lumbar, Right Thoracic/Left Lumbar. Note: There are no rules for scoliosis. Nearly all my clients have cervical curvature. I have clients with a high right thoracic/low left thoracic/right lumbar curve.

Are you aware that if you do nothing to address your scoliosis, your curve(s) will increase by 1% per year?

There are multiple treatment options for back care and scoliosis, including the Schroth Method (PT modality), Clear Institute (exercise, exercise machines, and bracing), bracing, fusion surgery with a correction to 25 degrees and Therapeutic Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis with Linda Benton – therapy for the spine in a non-invasive path into spine health.

Multiple research studies and articles have been published from such experts as Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Loren Fishman (to name a few) supporting Yoga for Back Pain and Scoliosis. These studies have consistently shown that programs like Therapeutic Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis can make a huge impact for those struggling with back pain AND are proven to be 1000X better than going thru surgery.

Loren Fishman, MD is the medical director of Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New York City, the author of eight books, and the author or editor of more than 70 academic articles. His research studies prove that yoga for scoliosis is an instrumental aid to those with scoliosis. Here are links to some of his research:



Pain relief is a big expensive industry.

I combine individually customized scoliosis yoga therapy, coupled with Pilates for Scoliosis to strengthen the spine/core/legs, pelvis and shoulder girdle, and the diaphragm’s intercostal muscles, which in turn will improve alignment/posture, reduce pain and calm the central nervous system.

This is a customized, one-on-one program for your own home practice that combines specific therapeutic yoga (not yoga flow) with therapeutic Pilates using belts and props that will bring space and elongation into the joints of the spine. Rebuilding strength, flexibility, and balance in the body is a key aspect of yoga therapy.

Elongate. Breathe. Strengthen. 

Back Care Conditions I work with:

  • Scoliosis
  • low back pain
  • Stenosis
  • Aging Degenerative Disks
  • Sciatica
  • Lordosis
  • Kyphosis
  • chronic neck/shoulder/back pain
  • the fused spine

Therapeutic Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis meets clients where they’re at with no previous yoga or Pilates experience necessary.

If you are currently experiencing back or neck pain, or have a condition that presents challenges, I invite you to try Therapeutic Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis. Benefits include:

  • Decreased pain.
  •  Re-alignment of the spine and better posture.
  • Improved strength of core/spine/legs, pelvis, and shoulder girdle.
  • Calming the central nervous system.
  • Gaining better balance.
  • Healthier breathing.
  • Being able to participate in your life again – CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT?

Meet Linda 

Linda Benton is a Certified Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis therapist, Pilates Certified (1 of 20 in the US with this combo), and CPR American Heart Association Certified with nearly 20 years of yoga and Pilates teaching experience. Linda works with all ages, and she is very skilled and experienced in working with the older population.

She is a compassionate, encouraging, and attentive teacher. The program she offers is accessible to everyone, regardless of Yoga or Pilates experience.

If you want to learn how Linda can help you start to feeling better now, contact her Linda@scolioyoga.com 847.819.8804 LindaBentonYoga.com

~ Namaste ~

Note: It is important to see a doctor if your back pain is severe (5-10 on a scale of 10), has not lessened over several weeks, you have a fever, become incontinent, pain radiates out to the fingers or toes, you cannot move, or you have a severe injury or fracture. It is also important to get clearance from a doctor to take a therapeutic yoga class after seeking a diagnosis in order to begin or return to therapeutic yoga.

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