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The Health Benefits of Prayer

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Posted on February 19th, 2018 by Teri Dreher, under Alternative Therapies, Patient Tools

According to the Washington Post, “…prayer is the most common complement to mainstream medicine, far outpacing acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and other alternative remedies.” Though scientific studies vary as to the efficacy of prayer, most religions around the world believe in the power or prayer and believe that not only does prayer change outcomes, it changes the hearts and minds of those do the praying.

People talk about the power of prayer all the time, but rarely do we discuss the health benefits.

Plain and simple, praying is good for you. Regardless of your personal faith or whether or not you believe it works, prayer positively influences our health. Extensive research looking into the health benefits that accompany frequent praying are easy to access with a quick internet search. Here’s our list of the top five reasons to consider sending out a prayer, and making a habit of it.

  1. Praying helps curbs the onset of conditions like depression and anxiety. This claim is backed by a UK study published in British Journal of Health Psychology, that found that praying daily is linked to having stronger brain cortices.
  2. Praying is good for your heart. Physically speaking, praying helps regulate your breathing, which in turn makes your heart stronger and less stressed. Speaking of stress…
  3.  Praying reduces stress related disorders. Too much stress in your body can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, and migraine headaches. When we take intentional time to slow down and find hope, we decrease the stress in our bodies.
  4. Praying speeds up recovery from illness. When we get sick or have to undergo a medical procedure, our bodies have to work extra hard to heal while regulating normal functions, as well. Again, prayer can reduce the extra stress that this puts on us.
  5. Praying helps you live longer. The above benefits all help to minimize psychosocial effects that wear and tear on our bodies.




With over 36 years of clinical experience in Critical Care nursing, home based health care and expertise as a cardiovascular nurse clinician, Teri is well acquainted with the complexities of the modern healthcare system. She has served as a nursing leader, mentor, educator, and consistent patient advocate throughout her career in some of the best hospitals across the country. Her passion to keep the patient at the center of the model of nursing care led her to incorporate NShore Patient Advocates, LLC in 2011, serving clients throughout the northern suburbs of Chicago.

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