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How We Help

NShore Patient Advocates will help you navigate the maze of modern healthcare, holding your hand and acting as your champion. We protect your rights as a patient: to safe care, an accurate diagnosis, education and full disclosure of financial consequences of all diagnoses and discharge decisions. Because we are all advanced practice nurses with decades of clinical experience, we know where the “potholes” in modern healthcare are, and we know how to navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system. We will research all of your options regarding treatment plans, facilities, and practitioners and make recommendations to ensure you receive the highest level of care. Our core focuses include:


When you don’t know what questions to ask, we will ask them for you. We will review your diagnosis. We will oversee the medical care you receive. We are available to accompany you on doctor visits if needed and be present in the event you are hospitalized.


Medical concepts and terminology can be hard to follow, especially in emotional situations. We will explain it to you in understandable terms, so you can be an informed, involved patient. In addition, we will educate you regarding:

  • Diagnostic methods
  • Treatment options, including alternative and traditional modalities
  • Medications and supplements
  • Your rights as a patient
  • Long term care options for seniors with different levels of financial ability to pay for long term care needs.

We will also ensure your questions are properly answered and that you are on board with your treatment plan.

Assessment & Early Intervention

You will have 24/7 emergency access to your patient advocate once you become our client and we have a thorough understanding of your situation. Your patient advocate will swiftly begin collaborating with your healthcare practitioners to develop the optimum treatment plan for you.

We believe that regular professional assessment and early intervention prevents many catastrophic medical events, and our nurses watch over our clients carefully; safeguarding and promoting their health and well being at all times. Every client is unique and our customized care plans provide skilled care management and support that helps not only the patient but every person in their family. We work on your behalf!

Care Management

Your advocate will perform thorough research on your behalf—using resources that are not available to the public—to assure you are receiving the highest quality care. Should we identify gaps in your care plan, we will select providers to offer the needed support. Our nurses identify holistic needs that include the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every individual and work hard to provide integrative care that results in greater health, safety and emotional well being. We will act as liaison between you and your providers.

Insurance/Medical Billing Dispute Resolution

If you choose, we will act as go-between with your health insurance carrier to resolve insurance payment disputes. While nothing is guaranteed, we will take every opportunity to achieve resolutions in your favor, lifting this burden off your shoulders.