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Medicare – Changes in 2020

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Posted on August 6th, 2019 by Jeryl Wojcik, under Medicare, Patient Advocacy, Something New, Tips & Resources

Last week, we provided you with an overview of Medicare Basics; This week we would like to provide for you some information on the pending changes to Medicare in the year 2020.  While the changes for Medicare are not in place as of yet we thought we would look into what is coming; attached are a few of the resources we found regarding changes in Medicare for the year 2020:

Articles on Changes

The link to this article provides a very good breakdown of all the pending changes coming our way including:

  • Changes to the ‘Donut Hole’ discount
  • Changes to Open Enrollment
  • Extra Help

This article is explained very simply so that one can understand the bottom line:


This article is a look at the recent proposals to control Drug Spending by Medicare and its Beneficiaries:

Lastly, this third article looks at the impact the Medicare changes for 2020 will have on Beneficiaries:

How Medicare Changes in 2020 Will Impact Beneficiaries

For more information visit the Official Medicare Website at www.Medicare.gov in the coming months.

Sources: 2020medicare.us website; Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation website at www.kff.org; medicarefaq.com website; Official Medicare Website at www.Medicare.gov


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